Exhibitions and Awards

I was a finalist in the prestigious AFAEP Student Competition and had my work exhibited in London.

I gained a merit in the national Fuji Student Awards and my work was exhibited in
The Photographers Gallery, London

The West Lancashire Open Exhibition at Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk.
I exhibited a photograph entitled Erosion which deals with the concept of
beauty in overlooked objects.

Group exhibition called Room 16 at Mash Gallery, St.Helens.

I have two photographs in the Open Art Competition, Godfrey Pilkington Gallery, St.Helens
The images are Blue Myriad and Red Stripe.

Production, Presentation; a group show by Platform
Art St.Helens at the Godfrey Pilkington Art Gallery.

Artist in residence at The Godfrey Pilkington Art Gallery, St.Helens.

My work is part of an exhibition called Presentation which is displayed at the Godfrey Pilkington Gallery at The World Of Glass, St.Helens, Merseyside until April. My images are part of a series called Direction of Flow which is exploring unusual angles in everyday objects using a macro lens.

The image Blue Myriad has been selected by the judges to be shown in The West Lancashire Open Exhibition at Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk. It is my personnel interpretation of the beauty of moving water over pebbles highlighting the play of light and shadow.

NOT FROM HERE- An Exhibition by Platform Art St.Helens in The Liverpool Biennial Independents Show
I have an image concerning the past and decay in this exhibition.

The St.Helens Open Art Competition at The Gogfrey Pilkington Gallery, St.Helens.
The photograph I am exhibiting deals with hidden identities and changing personalities.

The Coffee Shop Gallery, St.Marys Market, St.Helens.
Platform Art St.Helens Studio members are showing a selection of their recent work.
I am displaying two images, one deals with loss and a sense of mystery and the other
with identity.

Aspects of Blue
This is a joint exhibition with the artist Frances Heyes.
The Coffee Stop Gallery, St.Marys Market, St.Helens
My work in this exhibition explores the emotional experience of Blue which I first discovered
through reading the book Comet in Moominland as a child. In the story the sea dries up and
the main characters impart on a journey of discovery along the hauntingly strange seabed,
it is this sense of wonder and discovery I aim to impart to the viewers through my work.

St.Helens Arts Festival
Aspects Of Colour- Joint Exhibition with Artist Frances Heyes
Exhibited two large scale photographs and a series of small scale images exploring
the use of colour and inherent links to emotions.

St.Helens Open Art Exhibition
Exhibited two photographs

Group exhibition by Platform Artists at The Coffee Stop Gallery,

I was awarded a micro commission by The Heart of Glass to photograph a number of churches
in the St.Helens area to promote their splendour.

Heritage Photo Walk

St.Helens Open Art Exhibition
I had two photographs chosen to be exhibited.

Vera Page Park Photo Walk commissioned by The Heart of Glass